Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I confess, it's very good to be back. Over the last few days my head has been exploding with a billion blog post's like being a blogging virgin all over again. However, I am currently having a Grade A bollocks week. In times like these I rely on a song to pull my arse up off the floor, no matter what is going on around me. And it works. Especially if you play it LOUD.

It is Columbia by Oasis from their debut album, Definitely Maybe. If I was stranded on an Island and only had 1 song to play for the rest of time, it would be this. I found this live clip on YouTube and love it. The attitude that Liam has when singing is perfect for this tune...hope you enjoy it!

I firmly consider my arse dragged off the floor.


Beth said...

MFG indeed!
"There we were - now here we are..."
A rather fitting line for your new bog, I'd say.
And you're right. In order to get your "arse" off the floor, you must PUMP it!

The Author Of This said...

Beth - Hey, I'd never thought about that! Cool! Although, I DO know the feeling because it's not OH SO NEW TO ME....