Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fishing For Noggins On A Windy Afternoon

Mentioned this before on one of my previous blogs...sometimes titles for posts are REALLY hard to think of. I end up coming out with some utter arse that doesn't make sense. Probably because I don't plan my posts at all, I just open it up and start writing. Think it's in an effort to make it more conversational. Either that or I just can't be arsed to plan it. Which is probably more the case.

Anyway, this week has been hectic to say the least, and it's only Wednesday. Got back from Germany and was told by Wee Man that he didn't have any work for me. No heads up AT ALL. So all my efforts at saving over the last year looked like they were going to be dashed, but then up popped Karma. Had a call from someone that I did work for a couple of years ago and they wanted their flat done again. Nice. So an immediate start on that one. Although that has now descended into chaos because they've got a new tenant who wants to move in 4 days earlier than expected. Looks like I'm going to have to grow 4 more arms as well as working all weekend. Mind you, it's better than having no work at all, which (speaking from experience) is utter arse.

Not sure if anyone has noticed, but I've managed to get an embedded YouTube video to fit into my sidebar...thanks to my GCSE maths. Probably the first time I've used that part of my maths since I was god, that's HALF MY LIFE AGO!!!! Anyway, that wee box is there because of the reinstated Song Of The Week. Feel free to leave me suggestions, or recommendations, of any music that you particularly like. Doesn't have to be recent stuff, preferably it will be something that's locked inside your brain RIGHT NOW! And if I like the suggestion, then it'll go on there for a week. Next weeks slot is pretty much already taken, and I'll give you a's a Paul Weller song.

Which brings me nicely onto the next topic. Coincidentally, Paul Weller. Ted (previous housemate and all round nice Irish dude) and the Viking (All Mod Cons bestest mate ever) and yours truly will be going to a Paul Weller gig next week. We're off to see The Man Himself in South London on Wednesday and Ted is sticking around for a few days. I have a funny feeling that I'll end up having a beer or two, followed by idiot shenanigans. And because I don't really drink alcohol, it probably will actually BE a pint or two. This will also be my 3rd Weller gig in 3 months, and my LAST before I go to Canada. Unless something drastic happens. He's not doing anymore in the UK that I can get to until November, and by that time I plan on being chilly on the other side of the globe. Really going to savour this one!

Also included on this post are Frogs. Please play the video below & witness said Frogs for yourselves.

These were in a pond just outside a part of the University campus in Heidelberg. They were VERY VERY loud. I'd be a bit gutted if they were outside my bedroom window. I'd probably have to turn French and start eating amphibian legs for a week or two.

There is other stuff to write, but I'm tired. And I've also got to think about how I'm going to get an 8 foot ladder 4 miles up the road tomorrow for work...on my bike. That's a bike with pedals. And a 7 foot decorating pole. My job is mostly boring, but every now and again it throws up a challenge or two.


Beth said...

Song of the Week? Music I like? But only if you like it? Not sure I'm going there... But I am impressed with the video in the sidebar.
Hope you're insured for when you knock over all those pedestrians on your 4 mile bike hike.
(Perhaps those frogs were singing to you?)

SMARTBuddy said...

You can hear where the crazy frog got his inspiration!
The song in my head this week is

Cool drummer and a quirky hottie. Awesome!

Princess of the Universe said...

I'm rather fond of froggies, but that would have driven me mental if I was trying to sleep through that. :)

PG said...

Last time I went to a farm, I thought "I could live here. This kind of life would be great". After being kept up all night by grasshoppers, I couldn't wait to get back to the traffic of the city.

Princess Pointful said...

Do you actually have your plane tickets booked? Excitement!!!