Monday, May 26, 2008

Is It Because I'm Sad?

Not really the intended post, but when is it ever?

Last week I was listening to XFM, as always. I've been sadly missing a radio the last couple of weeks at work so I've only been able to catch an hour or so of the Breakfast show. However, in my fuzzy headedness of 6.30am, a word jumped like a hot knife into my brain...Weller. All of a sudden I was no more awake than before. But I did try listening harder. XFM are going to start running a competition...a competition to win a pair of tickets to see the Weller at Koko on the 21st of June!

Bearing in mind that I thought the Hammersmith gig was my last opportunity to see him before I leave for Canada, imagine my wonderment at the prospect of winning a ticket to see him again! I've had a bit of luck with winning some tickets before, so I'm trying REALLY HARD not to get my hopes up too much. But I can feel myself getting carried away with the whole thing whilst writing this.

To maximise my chances I registered on their website and entered online, then sent an email to their "comments" section. AND I emailed one of their DJ's (Rick Shaw) to ask for any tips on what else I could do. However, my main issue was the lack of radio. If I miss even 1 minute of the Breakfast show, then I could totally blow my chances of winning. So I had the bright idea of getting one of those little adaptors for my iPod that enables me to listen to the radio. So off I went in the pouring rain on Little Steed to PC World. Did they have anything like that? Not a chance in hell. Well, they might have, but as usual all their items are all over the place. Under iPod accessories I found a box for some Windows Geek Gadget thing. I asked a member of staff if they had anything like what I wanted in stock. I may as well have been spouting Shakespeare to an Orangutan. So off to Curry's I luck here either. Apart from finding the Orangutan's slightly dimmer brother. Last resort, Argos. The ever so lovely "Catalogue" shop. They DID sell what I wanted, at a price of 50 quid...but it wasn't in stock. Arse bandits.

Then I had one of those inspired moments. All I actually needed was a radio. And a cheap one at that. Flicking through the little Argos book my eyes settled on a clock radio for 6 pounds. Bargain! So all I've got to do is drop a battery into it, wrap up the mains lead, and gaffer tape it to the handle bars of my bike so that I can listen to the radio on the way to work. Yes, I'll look like a complete pikey with a clock radio taped to my bike, it's little red lights flashing away. But I don't give a rats. Why? Because I MIGHT just win some tickets to see the Weller. And in my book, that's the only reason I need.

Please also note....NEW Song of the Week. Another Weller tune this week, Push It Along, from the almost out new album...which I've already ordered from Amazon! We've had 1 suggestion so far from Smartbuddy for next weeks he's definitely top of the tree at the moment because I love that song too. Feel free to leave your recommendations!


Beth said...

"Is it because I'm sad?"
No, it's because you are obsessed - but it's a good obsession. Best of luck with those tickets. If you don't get them, it won't be for lack of effort.

David said...

>gaffer tape it to the handle bars of my bike

You could gaffer tape it to your head and you'd have invented an unusual combination radio and headphone system.

It might catch on and you'd be rich on royalties. Probably not. But there is always a small chance.

Mandy said...

Either it's not letting me post a comment, or you'll end up with three. Assuming you won't: the first two were identical and wonderfully witty.
Assuming you do: ok, I may have exaggerated that last bit a teensy weensy bit.