Sunday, June 22, 2008

XFM All Day Breakfast

Another weekend, another Weller gig! Well, I wish it was every weekend. The more and more I see of Weller, the better he gets as far as I'm concerned. This was the last gig in what was a small series of winning tickets. And like the last one, I was pretty close to the stage again. Unfortunately the photos I got this time weren't anywhere near as good as the last time.

The Viking was supposed to be coming with me but due to a last minute hitch, he couldn't make it. In his place was Damon (obviously, his name has been changed...and because of the striking resemblance to Mr Albarn of Blur fame...he shall always be known as Damon). See photo for evidence.

As with all the venues that I've seen Weller, it was another new one. The Koko in Camden. And like the IndigO2, it's an "intimate" place and really does add something extra to the whole experience. We weaved our way as close as we could to the front of the stage, only about 20ft away from where Weller was to stand. The event was played live over the radio (XFM 104.9fm) and was part of the larger "All Day Breakfast" where gigs started at 6am on the Saturday and went through until 6am on the Sunday. The live feed was played into the venue over the speakers, and at 3pm introduced Weller! We were treated to a fantastic array of songs including Push It Along, Come On/Let's Go, Eaton Rifles, Peacock Suit, and a new one on me, Wild Blue Yonder. Thankfully it was incredibly loud so nobody could hear me letting out a sound like a cat being slowly murdered (AMC singing).

I wish I could put into words the feeling I get when I've seen him live. Whether it's been an acoustic gig, or full on, I have been so immersed in watching and listening to the music that I can hardly remember anything else going on around me. People I know have asked me if I'll ever get bored of going to see him. In short, no. And I'm very much looking forward to going to see him again in Germany (with Linda, and in her town too!) and then again in Brixton (with the Viking, his Missus, and my other best mate that I'll refer to as Tinker). And if at all possible, I wouldn't mind getting hold of a ticket to Amsterdam.

After the gig we met up with a couple of people the Viking and I met at the IndigO2 (I'd given one of them, Glen, my spare ticket). Glen and Paddy are great guys, both of them having seen Weller more times than I can count, and memorabilia collectors extraordinaire (I managed to get a set list! see below photo). Going to Weller gigs is becoming more than just going to watch the show. It's like being part of a little "group", most of us standing out because of the way we dress or our haircuts. Familiar faces are beginning to pop up, every one of them friendly. I feel like an 8 year old kid and I'm joining my first "gang". The music is the cornerstone of the whole thing, but around that is so much more. We have a drink, exchange email addresses so that I can send on some photos, and go our separate ways. I've no doubt we'll meet them again at another gig soon.

Here's a few photos, including Damon, some of the gig, and my small but VERY precious "collection" of Weller stuff. Everyone's got to start somewhere right?


Please note the signed ticket!!


Beth said...

Continue to enjoy your "gang" status. As long as it involves enthusiasm, passion and great music (but no violence) it's all good.
(Nice collection. I have one too - of hockey stuff!)

David said...

>Another weekend, another Weller gig!

Does he know you're following him around everywhere?

And, if so, did he call the police?

SMARTBuddy said...

You love him!
Quite the collection - im ashamed to say Ive never seen him live and only own his 'Modern Classics' best of albumn. Tis good though

arbyn said...

I can't believe how many times you've seen Weller since I've known you.

Actually, it's stunning. I hope he's mixing up his sets at least!

The Author Of This said...

Beth - "As long as it involves enthusiasm, passion and great music (but no violence) it's all good."

Yes Mum! ;)

David - I'm only a very mild "follower" compared to the guys I met at the last 2 gigs. Some of them have seen him over 20 times this YEAR....!

Smartbuddy - See for this years tour dates! Get yourself a ticket! If you weren't a million miles away I'd hook your iPod up with some tunes (assuming you've got one!).

Robyn - Due to his VERY extensive catalogue of songs, he's able to change the set lists around whilst continuing to maintain an incredibly high standard of music! If it was the same dozen songs or so then it might get a little predictable.

scotty94 said...

Pity I didn't get to say hello at KOKO alwyas another time though J.

bTW, great blog fella

The Author Of This said...

Scotty - Cheers fella! See you on Wednesday though!