Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hairy Thoughts

Over the last few weeks I've been considering getting my hair cut. Not just a trim, but No big deal right? Well, whilst thinking about it I had this thought...that my current cut is very much a part of who I am and really states to the world what sort of music I listen to and all that that encompasses. But then I thought that if my haircut partly defines who I am, isn't that a bit sad? Surely I'm more than a haircut right?

I mentioned to the Viking last night that I was thinking about going for the chop (so to speak), and his reply was something along the lines of "Hmm, isn't that part of who you are though?". Worrying times. It seems I am actually my haircut.

This reminded me of a post I read a little while ago from Tannis (here). You'll have to read it to make any sense out of what I'm saying, so go check it out if you've got a moment. I personally think it's a great post, probably one of the best I've read. Mainly because, after several weeks, I still find myself thinking about it. Yeah, it's more than just about a haircut, it's about everything that we consider "defines" us, but my most pressing issue right at this second is that I'm bloody hot and my barnet is a good way of releasing some heat.

But I also kind of like other people knowing at a glance that I'm not some techno house loving freak (for some reason that's what people believe when I've got short hair) and that they instantly know the type of music I like. Not that I'm overly bothered about what others believe, more that I like being associated with my musical taste.

Mind you, if I got it cut now, I'd have some pretty awful white lines around the back of my neck. All that sun exposure last week has really ruled out any sort of cut.

I'm also out of work at the moment, a situation that I hope resolves itself faster than my hair issue. I can't pay bills with hair. More's the pity.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, the power of a new hair-cut. You'll remember what happened when ted got his hair cut... and now, that could be you!!!

Crashdummie said...

cant u cut ur hair and sell it to make a wig out of it or something?

Sometimes change is needed - as u said, the hair is definitly a big part of how you are seen, but it doesnt define you.

hair is just hair - it will grow out. Id say, do it, take the leap of faith (and show pics!)

David said...

>but my most pressing issue right at this second is that I'm bloody hot and my barnet is a good way of releasing some heat.

I cut mine really short while I was arsing around in Northern Australia a couple of years ago. I was sick of it being full of dust and sweat and salt. Photo:

Seriously tho... A new image sort of means a fresh new you. Why not go for it, then play with the new image thing a bit?