Saturday, July 12, 2008

I did have grander plans for this post, but it has been a substantially shit week. On a grand scale. But, we live and learn right? At least, I hope I do.

Anyway, a couple of years ago, I was fast approaching 29 and went through a bit of a panic about not having "done" anything. I thought it would be a good idea to create a list of 12 things to do before I was 30. 1 for each month of the year. Number 5 on the list was to own a plant, and not have it die before I turned the big 3 OH. It was my attempt at having some "responsibility" for someone/thing other than myself. I'm incredibly bad at keeping anything remotely green AND keeping it alive. It was a tall order. So I used my head and went and got a cactus, figuring it would be very low maintenance.

On the 27th of August 2006, Terence was purchased, and came to live with All Mod Cons...hopefully for longer than a week!

Well...he made it. Not just until my birthday, but WELL past then. I've now had him for almost 2 years! Last weekend I went to see the Viking at his new house (probably the next posts subject), and being the green fingered laddy that he is, he gave me a new house for Terence!

This is proof that All Mod Cons CAN DO GARDENING! Well, kind of.

And here's Terence in his new home. Maybe the writing gives it away a little. I'm most impressed that I haven't managed to kill him. Either I'm better with plants than I thought, or he's one hard little geezer. I'm going to go for the latter.


Princess of the Universe said...

This is so the story of my life- I kill plants.
A lot.

David said...

I bought a packet of saguaro seeds in Arizona years ago. They're the cowboy-film-cactuses, about 5m tall with arms. But it turns out they take 100 years to grow a meter. In the end, I didn't bother. Which is why my apartment doesn't resemble the Arizona desert.

Terence is tiny. I'm wondering if he might have a bit of saguaro in him?

scotty94 said...

lolol congrats on the green fingered exploits!!
much the same with us, nothing green lives in the house with the exception of a half dead plant we brought from a local DIY shop a couple of years back, it was about 6inches tall then and now is a thriving almost 7foot, it's invincible as well...or loves the neglect.

Band said...

I've got the same little JVC hi-fi as you, nice one!

Beth said...

Don't know if it's due to the size of the (very nice) new pot, but Terence doesn't look like he's grown at all.
Still, he's alive...

Princess Pointful said...

Glad to hear that the lack of Terence on the blog was not due to his untimely demise.