Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jumble McJumble The Jumbling Jumbler

Last weekend I went to the countryside to spend a couple of days with the Viking and his Missus at their new-ish house. They bought it a while ago but have spent a lot of time and effort, not to mention the odd quid or two, doing it up. Generally speaking, I'm not a fan of rural England. It reminds me too much of where I did most of my growing up...where everyone knows everyone else, with their narrow minded country attitudes, tracksuit trousers, fake gold earrings, white trainers, cars with stereos that are more expensive than the vehicle itself, blaring out Jay-Z or some other tripe. Thankfully, where the Viking now lives, the average age of the residents is about 935. And it's highly unlikely that you walk down the street and are greeted by an Adidas tracksuit wearing granny, flipping you the bird, whilst shouting "Sup Muthafucker".

His house is a stones throw from the gloriously sandy beach, where we went for a bit of a stroll. Which is a bit frightening, I remember a time when I thought that only old people went for a stroll anywhere. Especially on beaches. Then we went for a quick drink in a proper country pub, the locals sitting at the bar on stools bringing back memories of where I used to sit in my local.

The Sunday was taken up with sitting in the rather large garden, breathing in clean air for a change. And watching the tennis. Was really good to get out of London for a bit, and he's got a fantastic house, and the area is pretty nice too. But as the sun went down you could hear, in the distance, nylon tracksuits being zipped up and Argos gold rings being squeezed onto fingers. Reminded me a lot of The Lost Boys. Only, nowhere near as cool.

Here's some photos and a video!

This is a view of his house from the back of the garden. Pretty nice eh!

Lord Of The Manor & His Humble Abode!

The Viking Keeping An Eye On One Of The Staff

The beach! And my new desktop background (not the actual beach, but this photo).

Feet In The Sand.

The Viking and a windswept All Mod Cons. Please note that I do not wear my jeans like this all the time. I just didn't want them to get wet and sandy! Personally, I think I look like a farmer. Could be worse, I could look like a resident!


Princess of the Universe said...

Yeah...a little bit like a farmer!
You're still adorable though :)

Beth said...

I love the "Feet In The Sand" photo. Brilliant!
Your friends have a beautiful place - how wonderful to live so close to the beach.
(Your post title? Crazy...)

Princess Pointful said...

I can see the appeal of running off to the countryside.
And the footsteps pic is fantastic.

PG said...

Nice house. Sounds like a very peaceful place to live. There's nothing like getting out of the city for feeling rejuvinated.

megan said...

Miss me?

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Rural England where you grew up sounds terrible. I always found it to be quite idyllic.

Crashdummie said...

Rural england - that just sound so charming =)

loved the pics, specially the Feet in The Sand .. heheh

Viking & U are such a posers ya know. But i kinda like the photographers pose to - the shadow rocks!

Angel said...

ahhhh, I love the footprints!!!! You're so clever! and so cute, with your rolled up jeans and wind swept hair!

and that is a FANTASTIC house!!! WOW!