Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A VERY Rare Celebration

Happy Canada Day people.

I've put THIS up on my old blog last year, but it will never stop amusing me! I like donuts 2 and 4 best. Eh!


David said...

It was also NT Day on the 1st.

Canadians stole the day from us. You'd think that with 365 to choose from they could find one of their own.

Crashdummie said...

"Sometimes I like to say "eh" to you"

hehehe Love the card, which means I ought to love canadians too... specially the hockeyplayers - my peepz are in the team innit! hehehe

Happy Canada day!

Mandy said...

Did you see in the Daily Mail this week, Canada is (allegedly) desperate for immigrants and will take anyone.
They then gave loads of reasons no one would want to go there, just in case they could be accused of being nice about foreigners.

Princess Pointful said...

Happy Canada Day to you too, sir! Hopefully you will be spending the next one in person!

Beth said...

I'm rather partial to #1 and #3 but #4 is definitely a great donut.

Canada is all "a boot" hockey, beer and good manners!