Monday, July 28, 2008

You Can't Beat Filling A Crack

The Vikings Garden & House Opposite, incl A Cloud.

Well, the "holiday" has ended and I'm back to the real world. At least, for a little while anyway. Unfortunately(ish) I don't actually have any work today so I'm still a man of leisure. I say "still", which implies that I've been a man of leisure for the last week...which wasn't exactly how things turned out. I'd actually planned on helping out with a spot of painting, to earn my keep so to speak. But when the Viking suggested I give him a hand re pointing some of his drive as it was a little dangerous at the moment, I thought why not. It was different to what I normally do and working together on something seemed much more appealing than painting black gloss.

Things started off reasonably well. Figuring that we'd only have to do a few of the stones, we set about removing the loose ones. Only, as we took out those, others started to move more. And there was no point in trying to fix down the ones we'd taken out next to ones that were going to move. So...5 or 6 slabs became 10 or 12...which then became 20 or so (I'm sure you can see where this is leading...)

(I'm sure he'll love me for posting this photo up!)

In the sweltering heat, the stone slabs began to stack up whilst the driveway morphed into a larger and larger hole. A combination of part of the drive sinking and the largest infestation of ants we'd ever seen meant that almost half the area had to be taken up. Eventually, after about 8 hours of removing stuff we decided to stop. Everything was levelled out and then we started trying to put the stones back. It was at this point that we figured it might have been a good idea to mark the slabs before we took them out. Because putting them back proved to be rather more difficult that we had anticipated. In fact, it took us the best part of an entire day.

But we got there! Kind of. After bedding them down, it was time for what we had originally set out to do. Pointing!

After toiling for yet another full day, we managed to finish. 4 days after starting, the drive looked great (well, the part we's now very obvious that the rest of it needs doing!).

Not a bad effort for 2 blokes on their "week off".

Actually, the whole week was fantastic. It's been ages since I had chance to hang out with the Viking after he moved & doing "manly" stuff was great. There's nothing quite like knocking shit down & building something. Although, if he decides he's going to do the rest of the drive I might just be "Away" somewhere else...because I'm bloody knackered!

Other news, Terence is now on steroids and I've had a great idea for a cartoon. It's been a while since I picked up a pencil with an idea in mind, and if it turns out ok then I'll post up the results.

I've also decided that being single sucks.


SMARTBuddy said...

Wow0 that does look great (the end one) but 4 days work? Holy cow. Still, working in the sun with a mate is nice work eh!

PG said...

Good job! I think I would have quit after seeing the large ant infestation.

The Author Of This said...

Smartbuddy - Yeah, 4 days. We were slightly unprepared for what lay ahead (starting with only 1 bag of the end we'd ordered & used about 15). And neither of us had actually done this before! I'm figuring 4 days in that sort of heat is pretty good going!

Psychgrad - Thanks! You've no idea how much both of us wanted to stop. But we became fairly adept at using White Spirit & a lighter to rid ourselves of the ants. Although, not before the Vikings ankles had been given a fair munching!

Angel said...

I know that's alof of work, but seriously, it's BEAUTIFUL!!!! Can I hire you guys to come and do my whole back yard like that?

Princess Pointful said...

I love the last line just thrown in there!
And, damn, it must have been a puzzle to put those slabs back together, but it looks lovely!

Mandy said...

Guess you won't be doing any jigsaw puzzles for fun anytime soon ;-)

The Author Of This said...

Beth - I'm in! Could do with a trip!

Pointful - Thanks ;) I don't think "puzzle" covers the words uttered at times, but close enough.

Mandy - God no! Although, at least with a jigsaw you get a picture to work from!