Sunday, August 3, 2008

That It Be...

Due to a stinkingly shite week, I sought solace in my DVD collection. Something with a touch of humour, that I knew would bring a smile to the face. Browsing the huge, nay vast array of 20 DVD's on offer on my shelves, I went for Blackadder II.

Blackadder is one of my all time favorite shows (hence why it's in my collection, I wouldn't get a DVD of something I thought was arse would I?) and one that I really believe will stand the test of time, as all classics do. British comedy really was utterly outstanding and I wanted to share just one of the many memorable clips...

...this is when Blackadder goes to see the Wise Woman, seeking advice on his feelings towards his "manservant"...(it's the first minute and forty seconds that I love most)

If you don't smile at this, then there's something wrong with you. Or you're German (this is sarcasm based on a stereotype and not intended to offend. I happen to believe that Germans are very funny*).

Two of my other "Top Shows" are Fawlty Towers and Red Dwarf...what are your favorites? They don't have to be British comedies!

Late addition...thought I'd include this scene from the same episode!

(*to look at!)


SMARTBuddy said...

Lol! Im enjoying a few Red Dwarf re-runs on Dave of late - great show to go back to after a while and its still funny!

Anonymous said...

They don't have to be British, but Alan Partridge is one of mine.

Going back, the Fall and Rise of Reggie Perrin was genius.

But mainly I'm just repaying the compliment by visiting my site because you came to mine.