Thursday, August 28, 2008

Words And Pictures

Righty-ho! As per Crashes request, barnet update. I decided against having my locks shorn off, and just went for a bit of a tidy up. Not that the photo below makes me look tidy, but in comparison to when I went into the barbers it's a marked improvement. Trust me.

Tried to get Terence to pose for his birthday photo, but he told me to fuck off because he's got a hangover and that if I tried to take a sneaky photo of him he'd pin me down and beat me over the head with his pot. Don't mess with a cactus, just not worth the hassle.

Also, outside work today was this monster of a car. Bloody marvellous I thought, not that I'm "into" cars that much. The inside was a shit hole too, so I think they got the realism down pretty well. In case you can't see the photo below all that clearly, it's a Pennsylvania State Trooper car, with ScumBall on the side. I want one!

Came home today to find a little package waiting for me. Inside, courtesy of the Viking, were these Promo Only vinyl & CD copies of Paul Wellers new single. Bloody freaking marvellous!!! Yet another Promo Only vinyl!!! Check ME OUT! I tells ya, the lad knows how to get on my good side. Woohoo for Presents!

Also this week...I walked into a door yesterday. More specifically, the cupboard door. And not just a little bump either, but a full on full blooded wallop. Injuries sustained include a bruised left breasticle, bruised left wrist, knee cap and ankle. Do I feel like a twat? Most definitely.

Went into the grocers today to buy an apple (feeling a little ill, so thought I'd avoid the usual crisp & chocolate mid morning snack for something a little healthier). I only had 35p on me, and hadn't purchased fruit in quite some time, so I asked the guy behind the counter if I could get an apple for that. "Yes" he replies. So off I trot and pick up an apple, noticing the sign saying 69p per pound. Wow I thought, 35p could get me half a pound of apples (no idea how many that is actually, but it sounds a lot). Over to the counter where said man is standing, hand already palm up, under my nose. I give him the apple..."Would you like it in a bag?" he asks. "No thanks" I reply. He gives me back the apple and continues with his hand outstretched. "Well, how much is it then?"..."35p" he states. "Hold on sunshine, that sign says 69p per pound, and you're trying to tell me that 1 apple happens to be the exact same amount that I came in with? I don't think so". So he takes the apple off me, weighs it, and says "20p" with a stupid grin on his face that I immediately wanted to punch with a punnet of strawberries. Now, I'm not sure if he thought I was thick or something, but I can't believe he thought he'd get away with charging me an extra 75% on 1 apple?! Cheeky fucker.

Just goes to show though, don't just accept the price of an apple! Always question how much your fruit is. Although, I'm not sure that calling the check out person "Sunshine" is always recommended.

(Oh, and I've done a post for Universal...feel free to check it's about cooking!)


Princess of the Universe said...

I'm calling every check out person Sunshine all the time now. Thanks for the thought!

And thanks so much for the super fab post!

The Author Of This said...

Universal - You are more than welcome. Was very enjoyable! Thanks for asking me in the first place. Whole lotta mutual love and appreciation going on here!

Angel said...

Hon, you are cracking me up!!!! and I think your haircut looks nice...just right.

now go eat your apple and be regular.

Princess Pointful said...

I love the fact that dude wants to pocket your 15p... maybe he wanted a smaller apple of his own?

Crashdummie said...

Your hairdoo lookz fab. Myabe you should have done a before and after pic? You live and you learn eh?

Ouch... you almost got apple hustled.