Sunday, September 14, 2008

DIY Weekend

Well, the general theme of the last set of comments was to do the gig, the DIY, both, and something else. So, I'll go with that. I'll leave the gig for the next one because I haven't finished uploading the videos. Which means that you're left with DIY. Personally, I find this sort of thing incredibly boring, seeing as it's what I do pretty much every single day. But every now and again it's nice to show off what you can do. Even if it's not very impressive in the grand scheme of things.

I'll keep it fairly brief otherwise I'll end up falling asleep halfway through writing! The job I just finished had a section of wall that had some rather random pieces of wood attached to the wall. They didn't seem to be doing anything in particular, they weren't supporting anything, or covering anything and the client wanted them removed. So, I carefully took them off. But as is always the way, things don't end up being simple. Especially when you start it on a Friday afternoon. Anyway, along with the wood, most of the wall underneath came away. Mainly due to the fact that these rather innocuous bits of timber were attached with 5 inch nails. They must have REALLY wanted them to stay in place. The gas pipe running down the corner was also taken away (by a qualified plumber! I don't get involved in things that could blow me up. Paint isn't that blow up-able thankfully).

Here's the resulting hole. Dado rail missing, skirting board missing, big hole, wallpaper peeling off. Lovely.

Bit of a better view of said hole.

All the loose "stuff" was removed. Peeling paper, dust & dirt, all the edges were trimmed so that the plaster would be smooth at the join.

Then the plastering began. Which is not one of my strong points. God only knows how plasterers manage to do things like whole ceilings. I actually wouldn't mind learning, because they can earn an absolute fortune. Some take home 3 or 4 times what I earn in a day. But with a relatively small patch like this, I can cope. After leaving it to dry (over several days unfortunately), the area then got sanded so it was glass flat and painted in PVA so that the surface was ready for painting. I also decided that it was more of a pain in the arse to cut a new piece of dado rail to fit to the old bit, so removed it all and put a new piece in. I couldn't do the same with the skirting board though, so I had to cut a section and place it into the hole at the bottom, fill and sand the edges so that it was smooth and paint it.

Base coats of paint were put onto the walls first to bring it up to the surrounding wall, then tops coats were done. All the wood was primed, undercoated, then finally 2 top coats of oil based eggshell.

And this is how it looks now. All nice and flat and shiny. More importantly, the client was happy with the end result. Which is always a bonus as far as I'm concerned. Not that I like the colour. Magnolia is a bloody awful choice. But hell, I don't have to live there.

Right, for those of you still will the the Jamm gig, some videos and a small "review" of Belle & Sebastian. There could well be news of the next Paul Weller gig in Germany, my annoyance at Ryanair, fury at my neighbours and more inadvertent Cactus abuse.


Princess of the Universe said...

Honey when are you coming to Canada? I have some work around here that I'm sure you're just dying to do!

PG said...

Good job. I'm sure it seems easy to you, but I wouldn't even want to attempt fixing this. My skills are limited to painting and taking things apart (somehow they never go back together as easily).

Odd story: I had a dream that you and some old guy came to Canada together. You were in my city, but didn't go anywhere. I recall giving you shit that you are wasting your time staying in while travelling. Not sure what any of that means.

The Author Of This said...

Universal - "Working" my way across Canada isn't far from my thoughts I'll have you know!

Psychgrad - You would be surprised at how often that happens to me. But it's all a matter of confidence. Whatever you break, can always be fixed!

That is THE oddest dream! I really hope that I don't sit in whilst in Canada!! I can do that really well from here! And whilst my skills lay in DIY, so to speak, surely you can decode that dream? After all, aren't your skills all to do with the mind!? Let me know if you ever work it out, I'd really like to know what that means!

Beth said...

I thought the DIY post was going to show me how to do something so I could DIM (do it myself).
Impressive work - something I would totally botch.
It's unskilled people like me who hire people like you to DIFT (do it for them)!

David said...

I spend a summer a few years ago helping a mate to build a house. We had a proper carpenter with us part of the time. We all agreed that we hated plasterers with a vengeance. And roofers. We got on okay with the sparkies and the plumbers tho.

Reeny's Ramblin' said...

Sweet skills you have there. I am the kind of person that has big ideas when it comes to renovations, but as far as the actual execution goes, well, it's messy. I am the type that would rip out a wall (just coz' smashing things with a sledge hammer sounds like good times)look at it and THEN realise what I have done - then panic.

When you come to Canada do you mind stopping by ours as we could use a little help as well ;) Lookin forward to the Belle and Sebastion post.