Monday, October 6, 2008

1 Week On

It's been a strange old week. I felt a bit weird having met Weller and thought I'd be bouncing off the walls all over the place but it didn't really sink in until the following Friday. When I met Noel Gallagher last year, all I could do was show people the photo & babble on about it for days and days. However, I have pretty much spent most of the week wandering around with some creepy half grin on my face. Yeah ok, I showed a few people the photo & told the story more than once, but by Monday morning things were almost back to normal.

Then on Friday I went out to try and get some new jeans, failed miserably, and ended up spending more money than I can afford in HMV. One of my purchases was a Paul Weller Hit Parade DVD (bargain at £10 for a double DVD!!). There's a little run of some of my favorite songs on the 2nd disc, and as I sat there watching the videos and listening to the tunes it all came rushing back.

I almost always associate a song with something. Be it a feeling, or a person, or an event, and that song will always remind me of that. But Weller's music is a bit different for me. Each song does have a meaning behind it, but it can vary to the extreme. It's like it's adaptable to whatever mood I'm in, or need to be in. Watching the video footage of some of the songs brought back exactly how I was feeling that night, and kind of enabled me to replay it all in my mind in slow-mo. Meeting him is like listening to his songs, I'll be able to remember that night and get whatever I want from that memory, and each time it'll be different. Not sure if it actually gets any better than that, at least for me anyway.

More "Weller" related news...this Friday I'm off to Germany for the evening to see him play in Heidelberg. My travel arrangements are a bit tight for getting there on time due to some last minute changes, although an alternative might mean that I get there early. It's one of those "up in the air" things. Hopefully it'll come off because I'll get to catch up with an old flatmate and friend of mine. I also wish I had a better damn camera, because my phone blows at taking gig photos. Just a little too brassic in order to be able to afford a digital jobby. I actually have better things to save money for...could well be good news on this front too soon, at least I'm hoping so.

Talking of money, I picked myself up a Lottery Ticket last weekend. I've never won a single penny off the lottery, ever. Ok, I've not done it every week but I'd say I'd spent a couple of hundred quid over the last 10 years, or however long it's been going. Well, all that changed at the weekend. I took my ticket in to have it scanned to see if I'd won or not and the guy said that he couldn't scan the ticket for some reason or another. I came home and checked it manually, turns out I've won £10! Result! Kind of typical it won't scan though. Bastard machine.

Also this week, I managed to successfully stab myself with a screwdriver. In that bit of skin between your thumb and finger. Kinda hurt.

I also refused to pee in someones garden (even though they had given us permission on the job we're on because the toilet is out of commission). 2 reasons behind this. 1. The hedge had spider webs in, and I don't "do" spiders and 2. I've hurt my damn back again (is this what happens when you get older?!?) so if a spider DID land on me, and I freaked, then I couldn't flap my arms and legs about with wild abandon as per normal because I'd probably pass out with back pain. Thus enabling said spider to crawl up my nose and nest in my brain. Which is what spiders do.

Song Of The Week is The Stone Roses and Love Spreads. Give it a listen, let me know what you think if you want.

Oh, and here's the photo of me and Noel Gallagher...check out my "I'm at work and have an inbetween haircut" look...*sigh*


PG said...

Gee - how nice of her to let you pee in her bushes.

I don't think I know many people who are as big a fan of something as you are of Weller.

arbyn said...

So... I'm totally going to be in London this month. You up for CD shopping!?

SMARTBuddy said...

Youre getting a nice photo collection of the greats! And lottery - you should give it a go online- you waste more money, but every now and again you get an email saying 'we have some exciting news about your ticket' and you have the time it takes to load up the mail saying youve won £10 to start believing youve actually won £10000000!

server extraordanare said...

I think your the first guy I have ever heard admit to not liking the whole peeing in the garden...

Was Noel the one that got hurt in Canada?

Reeny's Ramblin' said...

1.I too associate music with times and places and the feelings that the right song can conjure up.

2.One thing that is worse than stabbing yourself with a screwdriver between the thumb and index finger is slashing it in the same place with paper.

3.Stone Roses are awesome!

4.Oh, and Noel is making the EXACT same face as my sorta better half does when he checks himself out in the mirror. The End.

The Author Of This said...

Psychgrad - Pee in her bush! That's so funny! I'm SUCH a child.

Maybe I'm a little bit freaky then!

Robyn - Does the Pope shit in the woods? Call me when you're around.

Smartbuddy - Crap, I didn't realise you can do it online. That just screams DANGER at me. I'll have no money left by the end of the month!

Server - Are guys supposed to actually like pissing in a bush?!

Yeah, Noel was the one jumped on by some crazy Canadian!

Reeny - Don't they do that paper cut thing on Jackass?? Even between the toes!! OUCH!!! Fave Stone Roses song? Your other half looks like Noel?!?