Sunday, October 26, 2008

Guest Post Request

I have decided that I need a break from blogging. My Blogging Mojo has taken a recent hit and the flow isn't flowing.

So, in the spirit of Universal's recent guest blogging bonanza, I'm also throwing out a request to those writers on my sidebar. If you wanted to partake and put fingers to keyboard on All Mod Cons I would love to hear from you. Posts can be about whatever you wish and as short or as long as you see fit. There are no rules really.

Drop me a line and I'll figure out how to make you one of those "Contributors" things. I'd be most grateful if you give it a whirl!

Other brief news...I've had a really good weekend with a wonderful visitor from afar, although I will expand on this another time. In the meantime, I'm going to go looking for my Blogging Mojo.


Mandy said...

Why not start a poem and ask for endings?
How about:
There once was a blogger from London
Who used to have an abundan-
ce of ideas
But now he fears....

Viking said...

that he is bone dry, and couldn't even entertain a fly.

CiarĂ¡n said...

I'd be happy to try my hand at filling the (undoubtedly stylish) AMC shoes. No idea what I'd write about, but why not give it a try?!

Princess Pointful said...

Hey you! I may have stretched my brain on the guest post front in the recent future (already committed to one for next week), but depending on the hiatus, I may be able to scramble one up in a little bit. OR... I have some old posts that are lovely and no one read, that I could repost. Lemme know!
And look in the freezer. I put my cheese there once.