Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Much Ado About Mojo

Greetings to AMC fans from Beth of BooksEtc.

While AMC searches for his Blogging Mojo (have you checked under your bed?) I offered to do a guest post. Since I’m on extended blog leave (as in, not sure if I will be returning…) it’s kind of nice to take a brief dip in the blogging pool.

But as I compose this guest post, I find the haunting spirit of AMC looming over my shoulder. (The left one.) I am trying very hard to resist the urge to write about hedgehogs, a Little Steed, a pet cactus (none of which I own), London traffic, chicks and Mr. P. Weller. I am also resisting the urge to use words such as arse, plank, sod it and shite.

Really, as a guest blogger I should write about something that is true and real to me - in my own words.

Oh, bollocks - I’ll write whatever I bloody well please and just hope AMC doesn’t wield his red pen to slash and edit.

I might even include a YouTube video of Justin Timberlake or Celine Dion in this post. Would he allow such rubbish to tarnish the musical standards of his blog? Do I want to invoke The Wrath of Con? Perhaps not…

So what I will write about is what I’ve learned from reading this man’s blog since waaay back when…back to those Teabags and Ashtrays days. (Can I mention that? Are we still in hiding here?) And what I have to say will not swell AMC’s head. It can’t get any larger than it already is.


1. To expand my taste in music.

2. To see my own country (Canada) through the eyes of someone who has a passion for its beauty and an appreciation for the opportunities it offers.

3. That with determination and hard work, a dream can be achieved.

4. That the English have some pretty damn funny expressions. Knackered, eh?

5. That one’s blog can die and be resurrected many times. (I might try this myself…)

So, hey, AMC, while your minions tend to your blog, find that missing Mojo and get back here ASAP to regale us with further tales of the life of an Englishman.

We’ll be missing all that arsef*ckery…

One more thing. (Yeah, I’m wordy…I do need editing.) What kind of a post would it be on AMC’s blog without some music? So here’s a video that combines a Canadian icon (Gordon Lightfoot) with a British one (Paul Weller).


PG said...

Hi Beth! I miss you! Hope you're doing well.

Do you realize that you wrote "knackered, eh?" I smiled at that.

Great choice of video - seems very appropriate for a guest blog post on AMC.

Princess of the Universe said...

Expand your taste in music?? You mean he listens to someone other than PW???

The Author Of This said...

You see people, this is why I invited you all to write a guest post. Bloody lovely! Although I would have sheared your toes off had you put either of those other "music" things on my blog! Like Psychgrad I too laughed at the "eh"!

'kin excellent song to put on there as well. Top marks!

I thank you Beth, top lass.

Anonymous said...

excellent surprise guest! Now I know even more about AMC!!

Anonymous said...

This has got to be one of my favourite ever Weller tracks and one of the best cover versions of recent years. Top choice

Princess Pointful said...

Yay! Good to see you floating around still, Beth...
Adorable post!

contemporary themes said...


God, I miss your blog! Love this piece.

And that is a great song choice even though I know very little about AMC's taste in music!

Hi, AMC! Nice to "meet" one of Beth's good friends!

Sherry said...

Okay, so I have to blog surf to find you Beth?!? You write so much more openly with free space when you do a spot post...good to see you opening your mouth/mind/thoughts!!! :)