Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shining Personal Endorsements And A Video!

Housekeeping is the name of the game people. As I've mentioned before, I rely a little too heavily on Google Reader to keep up to date with the blogs I read. It makes for a lazy blogger, and my comments on what I read are becoming thin on the ground. Which is shameful behaviour.

It also means that my little list of Places That Interest Me is somewhat out of date. Instead of just editing it and hoping that people notice some new additions, I'm going to make a statement of it. Here are the extras...

LIVE Music Photography
by John Rahim
Aunt Reeny's After Thoughts by Aunt Reeny (Another excellent Canadian!)
A Somewhat Old, But Capacious Handbag by MissPrism (Not a prolific blogger, but check out the most recent post on books)
Just Another Social Profile Really by Ciaran (Lots of music stuff, videos, and just a different take on things)
Paul Weller News by DaveB (For those of us that just need to know)
Stuart Peel by Stuart Peel (An excellent read and fantastically written)

And after much verbal abuse, The Viking has finally given in and started up a new blog. Those of you that read his efforts on the rather shit Yahoo! 360 will know that he's pretty good at stringing a sentence together. There's only one post up so far as he only started yesterday, but please go over and show some loving at Wired-On-Sea. He'll love the attention.

All of the blogs I read and that are in the section on the right are all worth reading. They wouldn't be there otherwise. If you don't know each other, drop by and say hello.

I have been trying to organise all the photos and other rubbish I have on my laptop. I'm a great one for Folders and having things in their right place. I found an old video of me taken in March 2006. I've no idea why the video was taken, but we were all sto...erm...drunk. I think. Anyway, check out the short barnet! Considering I loathe cameras being pointed at me, I'm quite surprised that I allowed this to be taken. Must've been off with the fairies.

Song Of The Week this time round is Up Country by Mancini. I've posted about them before, but make sure you take a listen. Outstanding tune. And yes, she is frighteningly hot. But that's just a bonus.


Reeny's Ramblin' said...

Hehehe, I like the phrase "Off with the fairies". I can't listen to the vid you posted because of these pesky settings on my computer at work. Will give you my two cents when at home, I think we have common tastes in music so I would be surprised if I don't like it. Wow, can I ramble when there isn't even anything to ramble about.....

Angel said... are so freakin cute, I want to kill myself. I love your accent...well, it's not an accent to YOU but it is to ME...too cute....tooooooo cute. Do guys like being called cute> I don't know.....HOT then. I'll go with HOT. Better? ;)

Sweden said...

someboy loooooves you (yes eileen i stole your comment)

Viking said...

Doh! No video for me. Still, i can probably have a pretty good guess at the contents of it.

I must dig out a few of you...

Ta for the mention!

Anonymous said...

I think you look very cute too!!!


The Author Of This said...

Reeny - So what did you think of Mancini?!

Beth - Do NOT kill yourself under any circumstances! And yes, cute works. It'll pretty much get you anywhere really.

Katarina - Yes, they do! Who on earth is Eileen??

Viking - Don't you dare dig any videos out. I'll bitch slap your moobs!

Ted - I know you do. And I think you're cute too honey.

Sweden said...

OOOOOOOPS sorry reeny i mean...yes reeny....