Saturday, November 15, 2008

All Mod Cons National TV Debut

Sounds rather grand doesn't it? wasn't. The BBC Sessions was broadcast last night (and will probably be available on the BBC iPlayer for those of you in the UK) and I appeared in the middle of the screen for about 0.429 of a second during Eaton Rifles. To be honest I was fairly happy that I wasn't shown more, I really hate being on camera. Although, a small appearance was most satisfying. Sakura was front and centre, and appeared more than once, shaking her booty!

Can't wait to get a copy of the gig on DVD, it was great reliving the evening. I'm also hoping that some kind soul puts the version of Wild Wood on YouTube as it is utterly outstanding, and I'd love to post it up for all to see.

I also made my return to XFM this week and managed to get 4 of the 5 questions right on the Random Question Generator segment of Rick Shaw's show. The question I got wrong...Do Reindeer's like bananas? Apparently they do. We live and learn right. I also learnt that Tom Selleck was the original choice to play Indiana Jones ahead of Harrison Ford. As Rick said, Indiana with a tash just doesn't fit. We also swapped stories of the famous people we met. Obviously I told him of meeting Weller, whilst he met Paul McCartney. I win. Just.

In just over a week I'm off to Brixton for the last 2 nights of Weller's tour which will bring this years gigfest to a close. Plans for gigs next year are already underway. As I posted before, I'm off to Germany to see Oasis in January and there's a potential visit to see Weller in April. I'm not going to give anymore details on this one because it's stupid far away, both in time and in location and I'm not sure that my finances will allow such extravagance. But you never know, I may win the lottery in the meantime. I could also find the Moon in my jacket pocket. Chances of either happening are fairly similar.

I'm also trying to broaden my musical horizons. Ciaran has sent me a list of some hipperty hopperty tracks to listen to and thinks that there may well be something in the list that I'll like. I'm keeping an open mind....

Another "Stat" update. I'm amazed at some of the search terms that lead people over here.

1. My Wet Knickers Pictures
2. Hairy Assed White Women - This is just gross. No matter what way you look at it.
3. White Wet Nickers You Tube - Spell it properly and you may have more success...
4. How To Kiss A Hairy Woman All Over - Wrong wrong wrong wrong WRONG!!!
5. Drunk Wet My Knickers - Begs the question, why did you give your underwear to a drunk in the first place?

To all these people, try adjusting your search term. Replace the word "knickers" with "panties". Knickers is more used in the UK, and the grand old US of A is where the majority of porn comes from. Panties is much more widely used over there. Just trying to help you weirdo losers out!


Anonymous said...

I hadn't realised that the Weller show was on until almost halfway through. I caught him duetting with Coxon on Black River and the version of Wild Wood - the violinist was pretty amazing.

Looked like a pretty amazing gig - enjoy the Brixton ones and let me know what you think of the recommendations.

Anonymous said...

The man and his music - an enduring passion.
As for your stats - your blog is definitely the go-to place for wet knickers. What does this say about you?

Anonymous said...

Looks like someone has put the BBC4 gig up on YouTube. You can see Wild Wood here (I have to say I prefer the Portishead remix to this live version)