Friday, November 7, 2008

Cough Me A Mixture

I've found my Mojo, but he's currently being rather uncooperative. The bastard. I think he's just disappointed with the new Oasis album and is sulking. The Doctor has prescribed more Ball Hanging music, to be taken at least 3 times a day, for about 2 weeks.

Anyway, onto more pressing matters. First I would like to thank those for guest posting. You all did a rather fantastic job and I'm most grateful. Maybe next time some of you others will join in?! Even those of you that are lurking behind the scenes. Don't be afraid, you can't get it wrong. Unless you post a Celine Dion video of course.

Back to the stats post again. Ever since this was posted I'm having an obscene amount of people searching for "". Really, I've no idea why. Firstly, if you know the url you want to go to, why type the damn thing into Google? Secondly, you won't find any answers here! The name of my old blog, or more specifically the url, was as far as I'm concerned is completely different. What's on that website anyway? I haven't the guts to type it in just in case it's something awful.

Also getting a lot of searches for "Beatfillings". Mostly by people in Turkey. Again, no idea what this/these are but if someone would care to let me in on it, then I might just do a post about it to help you out. Again, this isn't a place at the moment that you'll find answers, but if it's interesting then that could all change.

I would also like to say that my thoughts are with my friend Ted (and his family) because his Nan passed away yesterday. Much sad news. Chin up buddy.

Subsequently I won't be going to the Paul Weller gig on Monday night in Dublin. However, I do now have tickets for the final night in Brixton (as well as the 2nd night). This will be the end of the European tour, so I'm hoping that it's going to be rather special. Although with Oasis now on tour, it's unlikely and unfortunate that Noel Gallagher will not be joining in on stage like the last time.

In honour of this, and to keep up the recent trend of Weller videos on here *cough cough* I'm adding this YouTube effort. It's Noel Gallagher singing To Be Someone by The Jam (from the album All Mod Cons no less!). The original is fantastic, but I really love this version too. It's also All Mod Cons Song Of The Week.

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