Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Am Dumberer

Yesterday I had 2 wisdom teeth removed. One was growing at almost 45 degrees to my jaw line and, whilst it hadn't ever hurt or been an issue, the dentist said that there was a wee gap between that one and the next and it could become a much bigger issue quite quickly.

I'd already had one wisdom tooth out before, with just a local anaesthetic and that went with no hitches at all. Apart from me seeing the rather intricate and shiny tool of Tooth Death before the dentisht shoved it into my gaping gob. A mistake I'll never repeat. Even though I couldn't feel anything, the sound of tearing gums was enough to ensure that I never wanted to go through it again. It was worse than when I had 4 teeth taken out before my brace was put in, many many years ago.

I wanted to be right out of it this time, figuring that I wouldn't have to hear anything or be given the chance of seeing any medieval tools of nastiness. Instead I was given this IV drip thingy. I was told I would be in a "happy place" throughout the procedure. In fact I was in such a happy place that I have very little recollection of any events from yesterday.

Today, however, is completely different. I know exactly what is going on. And I am rather painfully aware of the fact that I look like I've got a small child hidden in my right cheek. The small child also appears to be using a 60lb sledge hammer on my face to get my attention. And my stomach is constantly telling me that no matter what soup I have, it's still soup and that I should in fact be eating solids. Chance would be a fine thing. I sit here dreaming of all kinds of wonderful food that I want. Like really crusty bread with lots of butter, or sumptuous meat pie with crunchy vegetables and gravy, or even a bar of milk chocolate.

I'm lucky if I can open my mouth enough to get a spoon in there, let alone have anything on it. Chewing? Yeah, right.

What irks me most is that I went to the dentisht with nothing wrong with me, and I've come away feeling pigging awful. Surely it's supposed to be the other way round right?

On a different note...anyone a member of Lastfm? If not, join it. Bloody brilliant it is. I was introduced to it a while ago but after serious computer issues, I stopped using it. Never again. It's excellent. There's another similar site...can't remember the name of it now, but my housemate uses it.

It's really simple to use, easy to get started, and really opens your eyes to a whole host of new music. And you're able to get to know other people that have similar tastes in tunes too. AND there's a widget wotsit that you can put on your blog...which I've done. Those eagle eyed of you will notice it just to the right. Press play on it and you get to listen to some of the tracks that are being built up in my library. If you're a part of it, look me up!


Reeny's Ramblin' said...

Ew dentists. When I was a kid I would freak out if my Mom even suggested that it was time to go. Cringe. I have to book an app soon for a cleaning.

Did they give you any happy pills for the pain? Here they dole out percs which I think is over doing it a tad. Take care and hopefully you'll be pain free soon.

Beth said...

Hey, Alvin, if I (we) beg, will you post a picture?
Gently – gargle, rinse, spit, gargle, rinse, spit…
Look on the bright side. You only have one wisdom tooth left.

The Author Of This said...

Reeny - Quite the opposite unfortunately. They forgot to give me anything apart from anti-inflamatory things. Had to go to the dentists a couple of days later because it was getting worse & he gave me what I needed. Swelling is going down & my face is now going a lovely shade of green and yellow. Bonus.

Beth - A photo? No chance! Although I am getting quite accustomed to warm salty water. As for my last remaining wisdom tooth, it can damn well stay there! I needs it for my brains.

Crashdummie said...

Tool of Tooth Death? Dude, u do know that teeth are already dead yeah?

Says the girl who still got her wisdom teeth ;)

PS. Lastfm rocks!!!

Sweden said...

OMG u know about mumin trolls??? i think in english u call them "moomin" i grew up on them they are so amazing.
i saw u commenting on reeners toy collection