Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fluffy Bunnies In Swimsuits Under The Silvery Moon

You ever get those days when you feel you would have actually been more productive just staying in bed? Yeah, had one of those today. But I'm not going to whinge about it, for a change.

I actually just felt like writing something. No idea what. Even now. As always I'm just letting the fingers move and seeing what happens.

For those of you that have been reading for quite a while, you'll be fully aware of whom Terence is. Terence is my cactus. I got him as part of a list of things I wanted to do before I was 30, he was "Get a plant and keep it alive until my 30th birthday". I figured it would be beneficial to get something very low maintenance. A cactus fits that bill. Well, some time later (going to keep that ambiguous) he's still alive. Even though I managed to shut him in a window and crushed him. He's been on cactus steroids on and off since the accident and is now flourishing. He's even sprouting growths from his appendages.

On one of my old blogs I wrote about going to see Paul Weller in Berlin. The post included stuff about the gig (obviously) but also a lot of other bits and pieces. Since then I've managed to acquire a recording of the gig itself, which I've listened to over and over again for many reasons. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and I don't think that the original post did that gig any justice whatsoever. So one of my little tasks is to rewrite it and to try and put together a few sentences that might go somewhere close to being able to convey what the gig has come to mean to me. Might even do this the next time.

Talking of music, I picked up some random CD's in one of the local charity shops in the hope that I might discover something new and different. It worked. One of the CD's was by a Russian group called The Types and is called I Am So Good. So far as I know, nobody has heard of them and I happen to quite like it. The tracks, in my humble opinion, cover a range of styles, some of which sound like The Kinks and others are much heavier. Anyway, if you're looking to listen to something new give them a go. If you want a copy, drop me a line and I'll sort it out for you. But shh, don't tell anyone! Alternatively, you can give it a listen on last.fm via the box on my sidebar. It's in there somewhere.

Went and saw Wolverine at the weekend. Wasn't overly impressed. Even though I'm a HUGE fan of all things superhero & comic book, this flick just didn't do it for me. Go see it, just remember I didn't recommend it so it's not my fault if you don't like it. Also saw the latest trailer for the new Transformers movie. Again, wasn't impressed by that either. But how much can trailers really tell you? I mean, the trailers for the fairly recent StarWars films looked fantastic but the actual flicks themselves were staggeringly below par. And the trailer for Marley & Me was a sack of snail poo, but I actually quite enjoyed the film.

Oh, and I have now found 3 grey hairs. On my head. Like, as in growing out of my skull. Well, scalp, I don't think hair actually grows out of your skull. Anyway, not the point. The point is..err..bugger. Yeah, think that sums it up quite nicely. Bugger.

Tunes on the top of the hit list this week include:

Fa-Fa-Fa by Datarock (has been Song Of The Week before, and is a cracker)
Friday Night by The Types
Bad Candy by Twisted Wheel (absolutely shit live, but cracking studio CD)
I Believe To My Soul by The Animals
The Beginning Of The Twist by The Futureheads
How Does It Feel To Feel by The Creation
Barely Legal by The Strokes
A Rock 'n' Roll Fantasty by The Kinks
Bony Maronie by Larry Williams

However, Song Of The Week is Oranges and Rosewater by Paul Weller. The footage is taken from 2007 at the Amsterdam Paradiso. An outstanding tune and one you should definitely have in your music library.


Aunt Reeny's After Thoughts said...

3 grey hairs? Oh the horror lol! Maybe time for Greyshun (sp?) I'ma gonna go and check out the Ruskie band, need some new music at the moment, coming close to throwing my Zune over a bridge.

July will be a good music month for me. Going to see Beirut and then off to a music festival on Toronto Island, it going to be alot of Canadian indie that you prolly haven't heard. Also, thumbs up for The Kinks. Everytime Mr. Marmite gets homesick he listens to them coz he says it reminds him of London.

Beth said...

What a coincidence. Both you and Terence are sprouting new growth - Terence from his appendages and you from your scalp. (Three grey hairs – hah!)

O & R is sad – and something else…

Love your post title.