Friday, May 22, 2009

God And Dog Poo

Watch it all...the end is kinda relevant...

Right, so...talented? Definitely, without doubt. Just a little scary? Erm...yeah. And she's hearing voices in her head...which doesn't sound to me like someone who is quite all there. I mean, if I had a 9 year old that came up to me one day and said "Hey, I've just been having a chat with my mate God and he's been saying I should write some stuff down for everyone to read" I would probably be a little concerned. If, however, she came out and said her friend ----- had made her do it, but nobody else can see him, and he lives in her cupboard, then I'm more likely to believe her. Right?

And as we know, all imaginary friends are real. Take these as proof.

Only the first 4 mins of the first one, but all the second one. Believe me, they're worth watching. Bit to look out for...when the little girl says "Sugar?", too funny!

Oh man...cobwebs...!

British humour, brilliant.


Beth said...

I should be so lucky – and talented.
Perhaps I haven’t been listening carefully enough?

Drop Dead Fred - a classic.

And that is one cute kid – with a great name. ;)

Reeny's Ramblin' said...

Have you ever heard about the theory of 'Indigo Children'? You should look it up. Personally I think that its a load of crap but interesting crap none the less. The kid creeps me out but her art is pretty rad.

Haven't seen Drop Dead Fred in years, thanks for reminding me that it's out there!