Monday, June 8, 2009

Bloody Bloody Bloody Bloody Bleedin Bloody

This was pointed out to me by The Viking. The Apprentice is not a show that I've ever really watched, I'm not into the whole reality TV crap that's infested our culture over the last few years (although I will watch anything with Gordon Ramsey in, gotta luv him really). This edit was done by Cassetteboy on Youtube, check his channel out as he's done quite a few other bits, and is most amusing. For those of you that aren't in this country and haven't seen Alan Sugar before, he's a twat. I think that just about covers it.

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Beth said...

Clever spoof.
I’ve learned to trust you - I watched the video past the first few (amusing) minutes to discover those extra bits that really must have tickled your fancy…
I dislike all reality shows – they make me cringe – most of the people are either rude or stupid. (Which is probably the only realistic thing about them.)