Saturday, June 6, 2009

Know Your Band

I don't often do those meme things, but I saw this somewhere (I can't remember where, but if you've done it then it may have been your blog I was looking at, in which case "cheers").

Get yourself onto Wikipedia and you'll see the Random Article link in the box on the left sidebar. Hit it once and the headline to the random article is your band name. Hit it again to get the name of your first album. The next 10 articles are the individual track names of your debut offering. Here are my results...

Band Name: 13 Shocking Secrets You'll Wish You Never Knew About Lemony Snicket (Holy crap, bit of a mouthful. Shortly abbreviated to Snicket's 13 Secrets, sounds much better!)

Album Name: 1997 In Radio (Cool...a late 90's revival band!)

Track Listing:
  1. Kickstand
  2. Paulo Alves
  3. 1998 Grand Prix Motorcycling Racing Season (The chances of 2 dates in the late 90's appearing randomly? Remarkable)
  4. Vietnamese Name
  5. The Wonder Of Women
  6. Eric Fletcher Waters (No way, this dude was Roger Waters father! Doubly remarkable)
  7. Theatre Row Hollywood
  8. History Of The Cossacks
  9. 23 (album)
  10. Hits 58
  11. Szale (Secret Track)
An album full of bravado and hypocrisy, laced with sarcasm and aiming 2 fingers solidly at the establishment. 1997 In Radio, available from Vespa Entertainment tomorrow. Click Here to pre-order your copy now!

If you want to have a crack at this, please do. Either leave your answers in the comments section, or shout back this way if you do it on your own. I'd be interested to see what you come up with. I also think this is a pretty cool way of introducing yourself if you're one of those lurkers out there...don't be shy!


PsychoGirl formerly known as Ze German said...

This is fun.
Mine's crap though. Wish I'd cheated.

My band "Protector" [name stolen from a title of a novel] will go separate ways after debut album "2006 WAC Men's Basketball Tournament" and everyone will go solo, all due to disagreement in album and track names.

Track listing:
1. Turkish First Football League 1970–71 [I voted against that title and still here it is]
2. Grudge Warriors
3. Westiella
4. Aldeia de Paio Pires
5. Greatest Hits (Mötley Crüe album)
6. Portland (HM Prison)
7. Robert J. Morris
8. Żołędnica, Greater Poland Voivodeship [that's right, name of track is even illegible]
9. Salesian English School
10. William Cheung

The Author Of This said...

Ze German - Top effort! I'm particularly interested in seeing how tracks 1 and 2 blend together! Track 8, I bet that's got an awesome beat to it!

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