Monday, August 31, 2009

Ground Chalk On The Walk Home

Yeah ok, serious lack of any postings recently. Have been stupidly busy. Not complaining though, plenty of people out of work at the moment and I'm very happy to not be one of them.

Something I have noticed in the last 2 weeks is that everyone standing in line at the supermarket till looks like they are about to commit a religious fanatic style mass suicide. Death by fatal grapefruit stabbing. Straight in the ear.

I also saw a guy buy a bar of chocolate, 2 multi-packs of crisps (after he saw them on offer in the queue so it was a definite after thought), and 8 2.5 litre bottles of Pepsi Max. Yes, that's 20 litres of caffeine and sugar. This was also done because he saw them on offer whilst waiting to pay for his chocolate. It was £1 a bottle. It would have to come down to around 1p a bottle for me to buy it. Bloody horrible stuff. Just as well Tampax weren't on offer really. Anyway, moving swiftly on...

Song of the Week is To Be Someone by The Jam. Haven't had a Jam song in a while, but I'm showing this tune loads of love at the moment, especially the live versions. Not going to bother to post the lyrics this time, they're pretty easy to understand. This song has been featured on this blog before, but it was the cover version by Noel Gallagher, and was originally on the 1979 album...All Mod Cons (Robyn, check out the version on your copy...).

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Whole Country Is Full Of Lies

To round off this week we have not just a new Song of the Week, but an album recommendation too. Better Than Heavy by Mongrel.

I was introduced to this album by a guy I met on, and whilst it's not normally the sort of music I tend to indulge in, I've found myself listening to it more and more over the last few months.

Mongrel, formed in Sheffield last year, consist of a mix of musicians from the groups Reverend and the Makers, Babyshambles, Poisonous Poets and The Arctic Monkeys and have a distinct political tone to their lyrics. With their hip-hop indie rock sound, strong melodies and imposing messages about the good and the bad of the land we live in, they're definitely a concoction to look out for.

Probably my own personal favorite is the second song from the album, entitled Lies. Which makes its appearance as Song of the Week (No video I'm afraid, but please give it a listen to). Given the political manure that this country has spewed out from its stale stuffy innards recently, I find the lyrics incredibly apt...

"...I don't trust you anymore, or what you're saying".

Thursday, August 13, 2009


The other day I was literally inundated by 2 people asking why I deleted my last post. It had a poll on it and was an attempt to inject a little interactivity. I still think this is a good, here's a post with a poll that's here to stay. Well, for a bit anyway.

Song of the Week (although this should be renamed "Song of the Whenever AMC Gets Around To Changing It") has been going for some time. I've asked before if anyone listens to it and was met by a deafening wall of utter silence. My thinking is that as a poll only requires people to click one button and means you can remain totally anonymous, then maybe I'll get a little feedback on it.

The question being, should it stay or should it go? There's no real pattern to the songs I choose, they just happen to be ones that I've heard and want to share. Even if they're really old, or popular, or maybe even a song that I haven't come across before. Do you listen to them? Do they remind you of days gone by? Do you think it's a complete waste of time? Do you have any suggestions for a song to listen to?

Obviously all of these other questions are totally optional. If you want to answer them, please feel free to do so in the comments section. Failing that, move your mouse pointer over to the right and click on one of the options. You'll feel better for it. Honestly.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Battant - Kevin [1989]

Check this out. I got given their promo CD and happen to think it's pretty damn good.

And the lead singer is choice too. Which is always a bonus.

Their Myspace page can be found HERE.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

That's Not Cricket, It's Jousting A Bunger

There's a lot of talk about this thing called The Ashes that's going on at the moment. It's a cricket tournament. Thing.

Cricket is not a sport that I've ever really had much exposure to, at any stage of my life. Certainly not at school. Give a bat to most of the pupils there and they would've legged it straight to the nearest car to have away with the stereo via a brand new hole in the glass. We played football. On a concrete playground. With a cannonball. Whilst wearing shoes crafted from stolen ties of the lower years.

This year I've taken it upon myself to try and learn a little about the sport that, apparently, every Englishman should know and love. Every now and again I check the BBC's live text coverage via my mobile and have a little read in the hope of gleaning some wise words And maybe the odd rule or two so I can piece together the jigsaw.

Here's a small example of what I'm faced with....

Groans of disbelief from the rammed Edgbaston stands as Anderson does Clarke all ends up with a beautiful snaker - hands on heads round the slips. Matt Prior standing behind the timbers with jaw hanging slack. Swanny popping off the field - is this a pre-lunch joust for Stuart Broad?

Or how about this...

That's too full from Swanny - driven away with wristy delight by Watson to go to 49. another full bunger - four more, driven through cover, and that's Watson's second half-century of the match. Good knock. Australia lead by 19, and that's drinks.

So, Swanny popped off for some pre-lunch jousting with Stuart, no doubt followed by Watson delivering some wristy delight, all with a full bunger no less. And after a good knocking, the Aussies go and get pissed. Sounds absolutely nothing like what I've ever seen of cricket. However, part of the BBC service allows people to text in with their thoughts and opinions and some of them are getting really enthusiastic about it all...

From Aidan, TMS inbox: "The excess adrenalin caused by such an important first session is causing my legs to bounce incessantly, this has the unfortunate effect of making my desk shake slightly causing the admittedly very pretty girls that sit around me at work to look at me in a very suspicious manner. Also I may throw up at any point . So all in all making a very good impression on afore mentioned young ladies."

So I'm guessing Aiden appreciates a good bit of wristy delight. Top lad. I wonder what he'd be like watching the Brazilian Women's Beach Volleyball Team? I think he might burst into flames and explode in a brilliant blue flash, leaving only his half empty bunger behind.

This game also lasts 5 days. As in, 5 whole days! And there are 5 in the series. That's an entire month of cricket. You've got to wonder how many people suffer a R.S.I. afterwards.

Anyway, this weeks Song Of The Week is Elbow and Grounds For Divorce. The video in the top right includes the BBC Concert Orchestra. However, the Official Release is HERE and the lyrics are HERE (should you wish to see a copy of them...apologies for the small advert on that site). I happen to think it's a bloody good tune.