Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Chance To Remember

Today I went to Whitehall, along with several thousand others, to pay tribute to those servicemen that have given their lives in wars past and present. Wreaths of Poppy's are placed at the foot of the Cenotaph by the Royal Family and other prominent figures to honour "The Glorious Dead".

I went with CF, passing through metal detectors and searches, guarded by Armed Police, and watched over by black clad figures on the roof tops with guns. A sign of our times and an irony, considering the event, that wasn't lost on me. We joined the masses of people that had taken just a few hours out of their day to remember. To remember those that had made the ultimate sacrifice. War is never good, or glorious in my eyes, but men and women of all ages, colours and creeds gave up more than most of us will ever do to protect the ones they loved. And to save all of those that they would never meet or know. They fought and died for our freedom and deserve our respect and remembrance.

Wednesday will be the 11th of November, don't forget to pay your respects at 11am.

Never forget to Remember.


Reeny's Ramblin' said...

I am off on Wed and Mr. Marmite and I are heading to a veterans celebration. It didn't seem right to have the whole day off and not even pay my respects. Good on ya for relaying the importance of remembering :)

The Author Of This said...

Reeny - Good on ya Reeny, a solid 5 Gold Stars. Shame not everyone remembers.

The Factory said...