Monday, December 7, 2009


So there we were, sitting on the kestrel for the sixth time since pogey when all of a sudden "Marmalade!". Olaf rocked up, swigging from the noggin, placed Harry on the goldfish and flew two Tuesdays over last month.

Spurious I thought. I mean, it's not been Tuesday for about the entire width of my neighbour. And she's flatter than a pair of squirrels. Back in the day of Cross Dressing Dave, Olaf would've had a back hander and had his noggin put firmly in his doo-waa, make no shortbread biscuits about it.

Every single day is the same as what's the weather with a pint of milk. Make no mistake. It's like having your toe stuck in a jam sandwich. Sticky like fudge with a dash of claustrophobic wand waving in pants 2 sizes too small.

"Aces", said Vince.


Beth said...

Creative genius?
A bit of both? Or am I missing something?
Whatever the source, my favourite line is, “Every single day is the same as what's the weather with a pint of milk.”

Seraphine said...

please keep your toes out of my jam sandwich.
unless you wish to take a vow of poverty and obedience.

More Of The Good Stuff said...

Does this happen often? The whole body, er, brain snatching thing with James Joyce and John Cleese locked in battle over AMC's grey matter??? Don't take anything for's brilliant!

Ted said...

I understand the point you're trying to make, but I think you're being a little irrational.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

One really should take one's wand out of one's pants before waving it around. Its safer for all concerned parties