Thursday, February 11, 2010

What The Bloody Hell...?!

I watched a video on the internet today. It was of a 14 year old girl, dressed like a Manga character, jumping around in her bedroom to some sort of Japanese pop music, wittering on about some gumph I wasn't really listening to. I managed to get to about a minute into the "dance routine" before I turned it off.

Now I'm not going to be rude about this kid, because I think that's a little unfair. She's only 14 right? But I'll post her video up on here and you can judge for yourselves as to how you feel about it.

The reason I watched this is because she's become some sort of phenomenon. Her videos have over a million views, mostly from Japan as I understand it. And now she's made the National News in this country. And apparently her debut "album" is expected to top the Japanese charts.

Please feel free to leave your opinions, I'd love to hear them. Before you do, check out the news article HERE and have a bit of a read. Take note of her attire, what the parents do for a living, and above all, remember that she's 14 years old.

I, for one, think this is wrong. On so many levels. Irrespective of the cultural differences between Japan (a country I love and admire) and the Western World.

"Rebecca is thought to be popular because she has big eyes, a small face and slender limbs". Well, that's one way of putting it.


Brennig said...

I see nothing wrong here, especially not when compared to the way 11 year-old British girls emulate the popstars they see and hear on television; mimic sexualised dancing and repeat, parrot-fashion lyrics which at times cross the line from 'suggestive' to 'lewd'.

Beth said...

“...will be admired from afar by boys afraid of rejection...”
I’m thinking young boys are not her sole audience. What are her parents thinking?
And 14 year old Rebecca actually sums up the phenomenon quite nicely (and repeatedly) herself, “I’m not making any sense...”

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Japanese culture baffles and intrigues me in equal measure for precisely this reason. I'm sure Miley Cirus is just as alien to them, though. Or perhaps not.

James Lindsay said...

I opened this up for web-discussion in my class this morning after we watched the video and read the news story. Thanks for this. I can't wait to see what they have to say.
Some of them might even find their way here to say it.

The Author Of This said...

Arthur Dent - Thanks for dropping by and if anyone feels like leaving their thoughts I'd be interested in hearing them.