Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Lazy Arsed Photo Post

In completely reverse order because I just can't seem to get the hang of uploading loads of photos.

Thorpe Park...


Would you trust this Irishman with a gun?

Probably the slowest ride, but made my head want to explode on every loop. Only did this once.

The Saw ride. Absolute quality.

Must. Go. Faster.

Then there was Stealth. 0-80mph in not much time at all. Beyond awesome. Did this twice but would've happily stayed on it all day.

I'd like to thank the children in front for really making this photo. Your parents must be so proud.

And then there was the Women's Handball. With England vs Iceland. Unfortunately we got our butts kicked...

Spot the ball...

There was also some gurning...

And some running...

And some penalties...

And the view wasn't bad...

And finally...there's the final. Of the JP Trophy, featuring my team! Southampton vs Carlisle at the mighty Wembley Stadium. I was halfway through writing a proper post for this but I just felt I was waffling on. But it included running, money, really dodgy looking blokes, a lovely ticket sales woman, and a even better cup of tea.

From the outside, Wembley Stadium looks just like a giant shopping centre. Serious failure from the designers I'm afraid.

But from the inside, it's an amazing place to be. Especially with over 44,000 Saints fans to keep you company.

We ran out 4-1 winners. Which is always nice. The Saints fans started the customary Mexican Wave when a team is romping home to victory. As it rippled through the crowd we all cheered, right up until it reached the meagre amount of Carlisle fans. Who decided not to take part. Nobody likes a sore loser. So we all booed when the wave reached them. That'll learn 'em!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


In 2 days time we've got our elections. Those of you outside the UK may have heard about this recently when our PM called some old dear a bigot off camera. Only the mic was still on. Que media meltdown.

I will, as usual, be making the journey to a polling station and leaving my mark somewhere on the little piece of paper. I'm quite firm in my belief that everyone should make the effort. Even if you void the ballot because you don't agree with any of them. All this "I'm exercising my right not to vote" is arse monkeys. It's better to turn up and write on it You're all thieving tossers than to say nothing at all. At least you've then made the effort to voice your opinion.

But I have absolutely no idea who I'm going to go with. I think we need a massive shake up and I don't think that any of the parties are capable. The recent scandal involving MP's expenses proved what we'd all suspected, that they were self centered morons with no interest in the public. Are these the sort of people I want running my country? I think not. They were ripping off those of us that put them into power, the very people that they're supposed to be helping. They used the excuse that "..the system was broken". I miss the point where this gives you the right to fuck me over?

None of the interviews or debates I've seen from any of the leaders has filled me with any confidence at all that they could fight their way out of a souffle. Let alone run a country. They all seem more interested in slagging each other off than offering up a sensible and feasible solution to a busted up economy. Or reducing crime. Or reviving any sort of industry. Or reducing unemployment. Or addressing immigration. I'm genuinely worried about what will happen.

And not one of them has promised to do anything about the weather.

For your listening pleasure...Paul Weller with Wake Up The Nation (and if you haven't got the album of the same title, shame on you. Get to the Great God Amazon immediately).