Sunday, July 11, 2010


First post in God knows how long and it's going to be one that says "I'm moving".

Yes, I've had my time in this skin. It's served its purpose. And now I'm ready to return to my original home. Over 3 years after shutting it down I am finally ready to return to Teabags And Ashtrays.

Explanations will probably be forthcoming but I'll leave them for later. Right now it's all about getting things ready. Design changes, removing all but the final post from Teabags, sussing out what I want the content to be and all those other bits.

And on the subject of design, if anyone out there knows how to make 3D type banners and is willing to give me a hand, I've got an idea that needs implementing and would be grateful for any assistance.

But for now, I bid you farewell. I'll be keeping this site live for a while as I may return every now and again to post up some appropriate stuff. Maybe this can be my holiday home...